Sunday 15 April 2018

Planet Saturn in Astrology

Planet Saturn in Astrology...
Hello Dear All
Planet Saturn is considered as the very powerful planet in this world. He is son of Lord Sun and goddess Chhaya. He was very hardworking and intelligent from his childhood. Now talking about Astrology then again saturn is very powerful planet he remains in a sign for about 2.5-7.5 years. When saturn transit over moon sign then it is called sadhesaati. When it transit from 4th and 8th house moon sign then it is called dhaiya. Saturn gives some hardships and afflictions but it also give undefined success to the person too. It delays results but gives permanent results. And when it starts its work no other planet interfere.
It owns two signs Capricorn and Aquarius and get exalted in Libra.....
When it owns these signs person rise alot in his life he even become famous. Saturn people rise start late but they see ultimate rise in life. It starts bestowing results mainly after 30...
Saturn always gives results of Karmas. If your karmas are good then it will give you best results irrespective of its position. If they are bad then results will be reversed.
He is keen devotee of lord Shiva so people who worship lord Shiva don't face much bad results ...
Good stone for Saturn is blue sapphire. People can also try Hakik stone.
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  1. Excellent analysis Mr. Prikshit. You have very good understanding about the Saturn and also astrology. I will try hakik stone as you have suggested.

    You are very spontaneous in action when I asked a question related to the career change.

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