Sunday 23 May 2021

Panchamahapurush Rajyoga: Malavya Yoga in a Kundli

 Malavya yoga is formed by Venus in a Kundli. If Planet Venus is located in Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) in its own or Exalted sign then Malvya Yoga is formed in the Kundli. Person having Malvya yoga lead a luxurious life. 

Own Signs and Exalted Signs of Venus:

Own Sign of Venus are Tauras and Libra. Venus is exalted in Pisces Sign.  

Now we will Discuss about Venus in all Kendra Houses.

Venus in 1st House:-

  • When Venus is in 1st house in its own sign or exalted sign then it gives a very much attractive personality to the person.
  • Person always spend life in his comfort zone. He is fond of Luxuries and will have so many luxuries in life.
  • Person gets so many benefits from partners. If he or she is in a partnership business then the person can earn good luxuries or profit in life.
  • Person is always lucky in matters of Love relationships, Marriage and other material comforts.
  • Person has so much attraction that everyone starts to love them and admire them.
  • If person of this combination is born in poor family then he makes his whole family rich with help of friends and partners.
  • Life shines after getting married.

Venus in 4th house:-

  • Venus in 4th house gives luxurious house, lands and properties.
  • Properties bought by concerned person generates many profits from properties and assets.
  • Person get so many benefits from mother and opposite sex.
  • Person Earns through so many sources in life.
  • If person of this combination starts to respect his/her life partner then he gets so much wealth in life.
  • They have high level of creative intelligence and have so much talent.

Venus in 7th house:-


  • Person having this combination get a very attractive life partner.
  • He/She get more benefits from life partner or opposite sex.
  • They can easily excel in Film line.
  • There married life is always filled so much love, happiness and satisfaction.
  • Person earns so much money in period of Venus.
  • If this combination is formed in Kanya Lagna then person is very much lucky in life. 
  • If a person do business in partnership then he gets so much success in life.
  • Any kind of business can generate alot of success to person.

Venus in 10th house:-

  • This position of Venus can give alot of fame to the person.
  • Person can get high paid luxurious job.
  • I have seen people with this type of combination in Administrative department, revenue department etc.
  • Person life rise alot after marriage.
  • 23rd and 33rd year of life are very good years for these people.
  • Due to aspect of venus person has a lot of properties, plots and houses.
  • Person gets good name and fame at workplace.

Remedies for Venus:-

  1. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi as much as you can.
  2. Gemstones for Venus are Diamond, White Sapphire and Opal.
  3. Recite "Om Draam dreem drom seh Shukraye Namah".
  4. Always respect ladies and Life partner.
  5. Never say bad words to anyone and your teachers.
  6. Always stay clean.

These are my interpretations for planet Venus. Suggestions are welcome.

If you want to know more about Malavaya yoga then you can watch this video

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