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Saturn in Aquarius


Saturn is a very important planet in astrology. It represents past karmas, responsibility, hardwok. If Saturn is good in a chart then it provides prosperity, success and luxuries. But if it is afflicted then it gives hurdles and problems to a person. Saturn owns two Signs that are Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and other one is Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi). Saturn is Exalted in Libra (Tula Rashi). Saturn is Debilitated in Aries (Mesha Rashi).

Saturn is a teacher. Saturn is natural Karak of career of a person. Because it is planet of Karmas. If your karmas are good then it will give good results.

Now Saturn transit on 29 Apr 2022 in Aquarius rashi and now it will remain in Aquarius for almost 2.5 years in Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde on 5 June 2022 and will enter Capricorn on 13 July 2022. It will retrograde till 23 Oct 2022. It will enter Aquarius again on 18 Jan 2023.

Now you can read ascendant wise prediction of Saturn transit. If you are running Dasha of Saturn then it is going to be helpful passage for you


Saturn will be transiting from 11th house in Aries. It will help in increasing incomes and also it will help in bringing so many opportunities in life of Aries people.

Although I would like to advise people of Aries to be extra careful regarding their health because Rahu is also transiting from Aries and Saturn 3rd transit on Rahu can cause serious health issues to them. So you are advised to be extra careful regarding health.

Saturn transit can bring help them in giving sudden gains or wealth. But in return of wealth it can increase there expense regarding there health. So you are advised to take proper advice from doctors. Also do some running yoga in the morning.


`1. Offer water to Sun regularly.

2. Recite Gayatri Mantra daily in the morning time.

3. Respect your work and also people at your work place.


Saturn will be transiting from 10th house. Thus it will be good time for career, business or any earning source. But I would like to advise Tauras people that you will get good success in your career. But there will struggle an and problems too in  your career.

Like success will be there but with hurdles. Some unnecessary issues at work place can happen. Also you people are advised to keep peace at your home. Also you should not fight with your spouse. Although this transit period will help you in uplifting your career and position at work place.


1.       Never argue with anyone. Specially do not argue with your spouse.

2.       Recite rudra ashtkam daily in the morning and evening


For Gemini people Saturn is going to transit from 9th house. So 9th lord in 9th house is going to be a relief giving to Gemini people. Before this Saturn was transiting from 8th house which has caused a lot of problems to Gemini people. But this time they will recover from problems and there life will become good with this transit.

Pregnant ladies should take proper care complications can happen.


1.       Recite Mrityunjay Mantra as much as you can.

2.       Visit lord Shiva temple daily or whenever possible.


Saturn will transit from 8th house to Cancer people. It can cause issues to there health. Also it can lead to decrease in there savings. At work there hidden enemies will increase. Unwanted transfers or problems can happen at work place.

Also they should take good care of there health too in this period. Because some chronic diseases can happen to them. If they are suffering from any chronic issue then it can become more problematic. Visits to doctor can increase.

But hardwork done at workplace will give good results in the end of this transit.


1.       Recite Mrityunjaya Mantra daily in the morning time.

2.       Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam stotar daily.




Saturn will transit from 7th house to Leo people. Those who are single can get married during this transit. Although there can be some fights during starting phase of marriage. But relationship will be very much strong.

Leos should take good care of there partners. Because health of there partner can bother them a lot. Although this transit of Saturn will give good rise to leo in career. Old problems regarding career can end. Although trouble to health can happen due to transit of Rahu from 9th house.


1.       Regular chanting of Marityunjay Mantra is good for Leo people.

2.       Offer Arghya to Sun regularly.


Saturn transit in Aquarius will make them Bold and they will become independent and successful during this transit period.

Although indigestion problem can happen to them.  So fasting on Saturdays or on poornima will help them to remove those health issues.

Also upliftment in career and job can happen in this period. If anyone preparing for competitive exams or Govt jobs then they can become successful in this period.


1.       Chant “Aum Namah Shivaye” Daily 108 times in the morning time.

2.       Recite Shani Mantras if running through Shani Dasha.


Saturn will be transiting through 5th house for Libra people. 5th lord in 5th house is a boon for Libra people. There mind and emotions will be in there control during this transit. Young one can find a true love during this transit. Falling in love is good but don’t make mistakes in love relationship.

Libra if running shani dasha then they can get a new house, car or land properties during this transit. All the pending works of life will get completed. So overall this transit will be good for Libra people.


1.       Chant “Aum Namah Shivaye” Daily 108 times in the morning time

2.       Offer water to Sun regularly.


Saturn will transiting from 4th house for Scorpio people. If you have any dream of home then this dream can get fulfilled. But be cautious because you home might have some Vastu dosha. So you are advised to take proper guidance from a good Vastu expert if you are buying a new house.

Scorpio males should take good care of there mother and wife during this transit period. You will become very much very gentle and loving during this transit period.

Although there enemies will get destroyed during this transit period. Regarding career they can see a good rise.


1.       Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam daily in the morning time.

2.       Whenever possible offer kachi lassi on Shivling.


This transit will be a blessing to Saggitarius people. They will become very much successful in life during this transit. Although they will have to keep full control over there anger during this transit. Also Saggitarius people should think twice or thrice before saying anything during this transit period.

In love life there can be issues. There will be ups and downs in love life during this transit period. Chances of having break in love relationship is also possible.


1.       Worship lord Shiva as much as you can.

2.       Don’t fall for love.

3.       Recite hanuman chalisa 3 times a day.


For Capricorn this transit is going to be in 2nd house. Income will be normal  but savings will be good in this transit. You should drive your vehicle carefully during this period.

Although environment will be bit difficult at office. But if they become polite with people at office then this transit of Saturn is going to give of success to Capricorn.

During this period Capricorn can get into trouble if they do not speak truth.


1.       Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

2.       Donate Oil and Urad daal in Shani temple on every Saturday.

3.       Worship Goddess Kaali as much as you can.


Saturn will transiting in lagna for Aquarius. This transit is good for career and business of Aquarius people.  Health of Aquarius natives will suffer during this period. Also it can make aquarius little stressed.

But they will gain a lot of wealth during this transit. Money flow will be good. But for enjoying that they should keep there mental and physical health good during this transit.

Also Aquarius people should make a visit to Kedarnath Shiv temple during this period.


1.       Recite Gayatri Mantra daily.

2.       Donate oil and Urad daal in Shani temple on every Saturday.

3.       Offer water to Sun regularly morning time.

4.       Doing Surya Namaskar during morning will keep there health good.

5.       Worship Goddess Kaali as much as you can.



Pisces can get income from foreign lands during this transit. Income from foreign or visit to foreign is possible during this period. But Pisces should take good care of Bones and feet regions. Injuries can happen.

Problem in marriage can happen. So they should try to make good relationship with there partner. Also there partner can face health issues during this period.

Enemies will get destroyed in this period. Although enemies will be heavy some times but Pisces will easily manage to escape from them and destroy them.


1.       Chant “Aum Som Somaye Namah” daily in the morning time.

2.       Apply tilak of Haldi on forehead daily.

3.       Recite to Vishnu Sahastranam daily.







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