Wednesday 15 September 2021

Adoption of a Child

Here I will tell you some combinations of adoption. Just keep building up on the situation and you would come by the planetary positions that are required. Then, you can verify them in a few cases to check whether they work.

 Any theory built up on sound reasoning will always be true. So instead of telling you the planetary positions, I would try and make you understand the reasoning behind it. A rule is only limited to one or two cases.

 You cannot have a 1000 rule each for every issue you want to check. But you can develop a common understanding based on which you can judge a horoscope without rules. At first, let us understand the process of adoption and how it happens. Then, we can build an astrological understanding of it.

What Adotion acutally means?

 For a child, adoption means the loss of parents and also the gain of parents. When being adopted, it either means that his/her parents have abandoned the child or are no more. Yet, the child gets two other parents who are no less than mother and father.

For a parent, adoption is two things. Firstly, not having enough children of your own. Secondly, adopting a child who isn’t your own. Now, this can happen in several ways. Maybe child-birth is not possible or very complicated for the couple. Or maybe they just want to adopt a child to give home to some helpless kid. Or maybe, it is a single father or mother who does not want a relationship but wants a child.

 So, based on this understanding, let us see what can possibly cause adoption.

1.    If one of the 5th house and 5th lord is heavily afflicted, but the other is strong; it is indicative of adoption. Especially when 5th house is damaged but 5th lord becomes strong. It will not let the person have a denial of children.

2.    If the 7th house is heavily afflicted for both the couple but the 5th is strong, it indicates adoption.

3.    For a child, if out of Sun/Moon or 4th/9th are very weak but again get either of the two is strong or their lords are strong, it indicates adoption.

4.   Mercury’s involvement indicates adoption, provided it forms a relationship with Jupiter.

5.    A change is mahadasha and a very strong 5th house from mahadasha lord is a clear indicator of adoption. It is essential to analyse a horoscope from mahadasha lords as well. If at birth, a child’s 4th and 9th houses were weak but the very same houses from the next mahadasha lord are very strong, he will definitely get adopted after being an orphan.

6.   Retrograde Jupiter or Mercury etc in 5th house are indicative of adoption. Such people will even make a mind from early years about adopting a child. An exchange involving the relevant houses that alters the strength of the house is also strongly indicative of adoption.


 Other than this, there are other cases too where other rules also become crucial. Those are: In case of denial of children, your lineage and herdity stops. Someone else’s family is being propagated in your home but your own blood does not exist in the next generation. In such a case, afflication of 2nd house is a must. An afflicted 2nd house with a strong 5th house means adoption of children after denial.

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