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Prikshit Kalia
Vedic Astrologer

1. Profile/bio:- Prikshit Kalia is vedic astrologer (Jyotish). Prikshit finished his graduation from BBSBEC Fatehgarh Sahib and there after dedicated his life solely for the purpose vedic astrology. He believes Jyotish is foremost science to change human lives. He tries to blend the ancient vedic remedies into modern lifestyle so that people can benefit from this vedic knowledge. He use vedic mantras, specific rituals, yantra pooja and gemstones to generate positive response in persons life. He has helped many students people patients and many other people with his various remedies. Expert in remedies related to career of a person. Any problem you can contact him after that you will see alot of positive change in life. Namo Narayan. 

2. Eduction Qualifications:-B.Tech (Electrical Engineering), Post Graduate Diploma in Astrology , Persuing Ph.D in astrology.

3. Experience:- Analysed over 7000+ charts,8+ years of Experience

4. Expertise/skills/fields:- 


  • Horoscope Reading
  • Personal Mantra & Remedies
  • Vedic Rituals
  • Rudraksha Consultation
  • Vedic Remedies
  • Life Coach
  • Business Advice
  • Gemstone Consultation

5. Email:- prikshitkalia@shripkastro.com

6. Youtube Channel:- Click here     

7.   Instagram

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