Wednesday 20 March 2019

Pnchopchar pujan

Upachar means treatment and Pancha Upachar means treatment of five. The best way to do this is to offer the five items denoted by the 5 elements to a Shiva Linga. If Shiva Linga is not available, then you can do it on statue of your Ista deity. I prefer Shiva Linga as it is embodiment of eternal energy and is very auspicious.

Simply offer the below five items to deity (Shiva Linga recommended)


Vayu:- Offer a incense (Dhoop) inorder to cleanse and protect the surrounding environment.

Agni:- Offer Lamp (Diya) to remove darkness from life and let knowledge come in.

Prithvi:_ Offer Sandal Paste (Chandan), to bring financial stabilty and prosperity. 

Akash:- Offer Fresh Flowers (Puspa), to generate a loving and happy mind.

Jala:- Offer Naivedyam (Edible Item), in order to feed and sustain everyone. 


The above practice is the very simple and effective one. People who cannot do elaborate rituals due to time or financial constraints this is their best option. No priest is needed, all it needs is your devotion and commitment . The Panch Upachar Pooja will slowly reduce the tattva doshs and people who have completed one year of regular practice will slowly feel the change.
Prikshit Kalia

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