Monday 15 May 2023

Shani Jayanti 19 May 2023

 Shani Jayanti is on 19 May 2023. People who are in problem due to Sadhesaati, Dhaiya or Shani mahadasha can do some remedies to get benefits from Shanidev.

Shani will be transiting from Aquarius sign that is Kumbh rashi. So people who are born in Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn are running sadhesati. People born in Cancer and Scorpio are under Shani dhaiya. Also people born in aquarius Lagna and Pisces and running Shani dasha should also be extra careful.

You can follow below written remedies on 19 May 2023 to remove problems and obstacles from your life. Also it will be helpful in getting blessings of Lord Shani.

1. On Shani Jayanti you should wake up early in the morning before Sun rise take bath and light a diya in your home.
2. After that visit Shani dev temple and offer some Oil and Urad daal to Shani deva and also light a diya and dhoop. Recite Dashrath krit Shani stotar, Shani chalisa and Shani Aarti.
3. After that visit lord Hanuman temple recite Hanuman chalisa there.
4. After that visit lord Shiva temple. Do pnchopchaar poojan of Lord Shiva. To know procedure of pnchopchaar visit here 

5. On Shani amavasya eat khichdi made of urad daal.

6. If you are facing major issues due to Shani then you should watch your face, teeth and hair in oil. Make sweet puris with this oil and feed Crows, dogs and black cows with this.

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